Student Experience Services

Overview of departments led by the Deputy Secretary, Students

Student Experience Services (SES) is a large group of administrative, student service and support departments at the University of Edinburgh. Part of USG, the University Secretary’s Group, SES is headed up by the Deputy Secretary, Students.

Each department within SES has its own mission, and these missions can be quite disparate, but we have a shared vision, shared values and a range of common development themes. 

Our SES vision is of a world class student experience at the University of Edinburgh, supported and delivered by world class student services.

Our core values are:

  • Professionalism
  • Effectiveness
  • Community
  • Creativity

We are also working together to raise our game even higher across a number of development themes:

  • Enhancing our use of technology exceeds our users’ expectations
  • Focussing our efforts on those developments that have most impact on improving the student experience
  • Working effectively across boundaries to deliver on our students’ and stakeholders’ needs
  • Communicating our messages and value clearly
  • Demonstrating exceptional value for money and a talent for continual improvement
  • Embedding equality and diversity in all our teams and all our services
  • Ensuring that all of the teams across SES are known as great places to work


Academic Services activities include the University's academic governance and regulatory framework; academic policy and strategy and managing key University projects for enhancement of academic governance and support.

The Careers Service leads and informs the careers and employability provision across the University, working in partnership with academic units and professional services, drawing on active support from our employer and alumni community. Our students and graduates are inspired and empowered to make informed career decisions, define their vision of success and progress to a wealth of possibilities in the UK and beyond.

The Chaplaincy offers pastoral care for students and staff regardless of their religious affiliation.

The University of Edinburgh is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for disabled staff and students and aims to create an environment which enables them to participate fully in the main stream of university life.

The Institute for Academic Development (IAD) provides University-level support for teaching, learning and researcher development. Our aim is to help students and staff succeed in their current roles and future careers. Our remit includes continuing professional development and practice sharing in teaching, learning and supervision; student learning development; professional and transferable skills development support for curriculum, programme and assessment design and development.

The Student Counselling Service provides confidential short term counselling to matriculated Edinburgh University students.

The Student Systems & Administration directorate delivers a wide range of services, including the development, enhancement and support of student systems; management of the student record; timetabling service; student scholarships, bursaries, graduations, examinations, and student administration and front line services.

The University Health Centre is an independent National Health Service partnership of general practitioners who rent premises from the University.